Контакты Mon Chéri

All things Mon Cheri are made in Kyiv.

Atelier adress: Kyiv, Revutskogo str, office 7v

+380 (67) 344 74 47

Your order can be picked up from the atelier or we will send it by postal service to any country. For detailed write to Direct.

*Delivery paid by the customer.

Ideas And Suggestions

Благодаря вам мы становимся лучше. Пишите ваши идеи на почту, мы с удовольствием их рассмотрим и воплотим.


If you are a model, a showroom who wants to place our things, just a person who wants to be in our team, write us on email mon.cheri.store.ua@gmail.com and tell what type of cooperation you are interested in and what terms. Thank you for your interest!